WaveGuide© - A Plain English Guide to LightWave 3D

That's the full title of my magnum opus. I produced it after struggling for months without any instructions and then finally managed to buy a second hand NewTek manual. Though this was helpful, parts of it were not very well written. It also contained blatent errors and didn't describe all the functions of LightWave in a way I could master them. Also, I was sure there would be others around like me, Amigans who desparately wanted to understand LightWave 3D, but had no help whatever. So, using my acquired experience and a lot of effort, I created the WaveGuide manual.

That Stuff We Expect

'So who needs it?' you might ask, 'Why bother?' The answer's simple. It's for anyone needing a guide to the operation of LightWave 3D that's easy to read, easy to understand and gets results. I know people have abandoned LightWave 3D because it's almost impossible to learn without a proper guide. Well you can now get it out of the cupboard - the cavalry's arrived! WaveGuide is right here. In many ways it's easier to use than NewTek's official manual. OK, it's written with the Amiga in mind and uses LightWave 3.5 as its datum, but the most important thing is WaveGuide is written in 'Plain English'. You know, that stuff we expect with professional software. It's what we need so we can understand the instructions. But often we can't properly understand 'cos the writer was a software programmer, not a scholar of the written word!

Make No Bones About It

Now I know you know what I mean, because many manuals I've read caused more confusion than clarity! Without the financial resources of the ubiquitous Microsoft, many Amiga manuals are, well - disappointing. NewTek produces awesome software, but in my humble opinion offered an unsatisfactory description of many functions of LightWave 3.5, 4 and 5. One example is the explanation of of Bones and Skeletons, which are used to manipulate an object through an animation. If you want to know about Bones, NewTek's v3.5, 4 or 5 User Guides won't help very much!

Original WaveGuide Website
Download PDF of the Manual

Thanks to JaxAnim, for granting me permission to host the manual in PDF format, and also for creating the WaveGuide website.
Please note there are a couple of graphical glitches in the PDF, this is due to the conversion from Lotus AmiPro.