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Developer: bPlan/Genesi
Announced: January 19th, 2001
Price: Unknown
Launch: 24th February 2003

pegasos motherboard
The first product launched by bPlan is a CHRP-influenced PowerPC system, dubbed 'Pegasos'. Despite their continual denial, the specifications are heavily influenced by past Phase5 prototypes, such as the pre/box and the AMIRAGE K2. Like these machines, it is designed to fit into a multi-processing PPC niche. The system is designed to be scalable, allowing licensed OEMs to scale the system according to the market. Thendic-France intend to extend these capabilities to the general consumer market. In a document previously located on their server Thendic describe early plans for the Pegasos to form one-third of their Eclipsis business model.

Pegasos IO ports
While Amiga Inc. had some early input into its development, the AmigaOS 4.x announcement has opened a chasm between the two businesses. There is an obvious conflict of interest between AmigaOS4.x and bPlan's AmigaOS-compatible MorphOS. It seems that this will only be settled through the courts.

PEGASOS Specification
Motherboard microATX Main board (236 mm x 172 mm) with 133 MHz processor Slot 
CPU 600 MHz PowerPC G3 750 CXe
upto Dual PowerPC G4 MPC 7450
Memory PC133 RAM (two sockets), upto 2 GB
Graphics card Matrox G450 Dualhead or user specified graphics card
Sound AC97 Sound Subsystem Sigmatel STAC 9766 Codec with Mic. In, Line In/Out and Headset support
Optional Soundblaster Live! (uses one PCI Slot)

AGP slot (2x)
3 PCI slots
4 USB VIA 8231 I/O connectors
Optional Riser Card

Network & communication

110/100 MBit Realtek Phyceiver 8201 Ethernet

IEEE1394 (Firewire) VIA VT6306 with 100/200/400 MBit data transfer
IRDA for comunication with PDAs and other IRDA devices

Input PS/2 compatible keyboards 
PS/2 compatible mouse
Ports 2 RS232 serial port
Parallel port
Gameport (PC style joysticks/gamepads)
FireWire (100/200/400 MBit Transfer rates)
Drives Floppy
ATA100 VIA 8231 with two channels for upto four ATA devices

Additional References
Read the Pegasos 2001 press release | Pegasos launch press release

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Last Update: 22/02/2003