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Amiga Models

The largest collection of Amiga computers, prototypes, laptops, and concept designs on the Internet!

Amiga Series

-Classic Amigas
Every Commodore Amiga, Amiga clone and AmigaOne that has existed.

-Classic Amiga bundles
Official Commodore and third party Amiga bundles.
-Amiga Anywhere devices
An overview of the hardware capable of running the Amiga Anywhere hosted platform.
-Amiga Prototypes
There are dozens of Amigas that were never launched onto the market. Read about these lost classics.
-Amiga spinoffs
Non-Amiga systems that are aimed at the Amiga market or are produced by Amiga companies.

-MorphOS based machines
A third party development that offers AmigaOS 3.x compatibility and an alternative to the next generation Amiga.

-Amiga Concept Designs
Early sketches of existing Amigas or those that were cancelled at a later date.
-Amiga Operating Systems.
Operating Systems and WB replacements that are available for the Amiga or share many of its characteristics.
-Amiga Set-top Boxes
A guide to the Classic Amigas failed attempts to make it in the set-top market.
-Amiga 68k Portables
A guide to the portable Amigas that have been developed since 1985.
-Amiga Emulators
Emulation software that allows other operating systems to imitate the AmigaOS.
-D.I.Y. Amigas
Specially altered Amiga systems used for tasks they were never originally designed for.
-Amiga Transputer projects
Brief descriptions of several Transputer projects that were developed during the late 1980s and early 1990s. 
-Amiga in the Arcade
Third party hardware that has taken the Amiga into the arcade.
-Amiga Chronology
A chronology of all official Amigas that have been released.
-AmigaOS Chronology
A list of OS versions, machines, and additional information.
-The 680x0 series
A non-technical guide to the 680x0 processor found in the Classic Amiga.
-The PowerPC series
Basic information on the successor to the 680x0 series.
-The Amiga chipsets
A guide to the Classic Amiga chipsets.
-The Commodore-Amiga list
A list of every Commodore Amiga product. Written by Jim Brain and Calum Tsang.


Last Update: 8/3/2002


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