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Developer: Simon Archer Demonstrated: October 1997

During 1997, Simon Archer became obsessed with the idea of owning an Amiga laptop(who isn't) and devised a plan to convert his standard Amiga 600 into a portable wonder - the result was Suzanne.

Suzanne is fitted with a Apollo A620 28MHz 68020 accelerator with 8Mb Fast RAM (10Mb total). As Apollo 620 owners will know, this is mounted on top of the original 68000 processor rather than fitting it into the trapdoor (ala A1200 expansions).

A CD-ROM drive was fitted below the A600 motherboard (underneath the PCMCIA slot) to provide a readily available supply of Amiga applications and games.  After some experimentation with SCSI, Simon chose an 8x IDE unit as it reduced the amount of cable required and allowed the connection of a 2.5 IDE hard drive.

A "Glidepoint" finger pad was also used to save space and avoid the need for a seperate mouse.

A small laptop power supply and black and white display were attached by adapting the cabling and reconfiguring the Amiga monitor drivers to optimise the display.

An article on his experiences making Suzanne can be found in the October 1997 edition of CU Amiga Magazine.

Suzanne A600 Specifications

Amiga Standard A600 system,
Memory 2Mb Chip RAM upgrade, 4Mb Fast RAM
Processor Apollo A620 28MHz
Drives 8x IDE CD-ROM drive, 880k disk drive
Display LCD VGA display
User input Glidepoint finger pad, keyboard, mouse port for standard Amiga mouse 


All copyright of the Suzanne remains with the author, Simon Archer. Myself, Simon Archer and CU Amiga do not accept responsibility for anything that happens that happens to you, your pets, computers, house, or the world as a result of trying this experiment.

View larger image of the Suzanne (61K) | View close-up of Suzanne label (25K)



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