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Techies Workbench

Welcome to 'Techies Workbench' - the section that covers the serious side of the Amiga. Subjects range from a guide on emote icons to AmigaOS Easter Eggs.

Amiga Guide
-What your Amiga is telling you
A guide to the messages your Amiga displays before it boots.
-AmigaDOS Error Codes
Examines the meaning behind error numbers that appear when using the AmigaOS.
-Guru Guide
An explanation of the Guru Meditation Numbers that appear when your Amiga crashes.
-AmigaOS Easter Eggs
How to access the Easter Eggs hidden within the AmigaOS 
-Amiga Early Startup menu
What is the Early startup menu? What can it do? All of these questions answered and more!
-Mystery Motherboards
What is the reason behind the strange messages engraved on the Amiga's motherboard?
-A Programmers Guide to Amiga Resolutions
A list of the scanrates, screenmodes, colour ranges, and Genlock compatibility available to the different Amiga chipsets.
-Helpful Hints
Tips on how to create your own file finder, organise icons in alphabetical order, and how NOT to list files.
-Huge Base Guide
Documentation to Huge Base, a database program written in AMOS.
-Monitors and the Classic Amiga
An examination of the different types of Amiga monitors, ranging from TV-friendly 15KHz to 31KHz PC models. 
-Using Japanese on the Amiga
How to view Japanese text on the Amiga. Written by Kento.
-Keeping Your Amiga Cool
How to prevent your Amiga overheating on those long summer days. Written by Calum Tsang.
-Stop Power Woes
How the addition of a UPS could save your Amigas life. Written by Donald Dalley
-Networking with Amigas
How to create a network using your Amiga. Written by Craig Graham.
-The History of Drive Clicking
Where does the fangled drive click sound come from?
-Beginners guide to Amiga floppy disks
A small article on Amiga floppy disks.
-Java ports currently available
A look at some of the Java ports available for the Classic Amiga
-Kickstart 3.5 - The ugly truth revealed
Rodney Hester reveals that the unofficial Kickstart 3.5 ROM image is a badly hacked fake.
BenchPress: The Workbench Oracle

-BenchPress for Workbench 1.3
A guide to Workbench 1.3.
-BenchPress for Workbench 2.0
A guide to Workbench 2.0.
-BenchPress for Workbench 3.0 & 3.1
A guide to Workbench 3.0 and 3.1.
-The Amiga Quick Guide
A brief guide to the Amiga.
Frequently Asked Questions
-Questions and Answers
A list of technical questions covering all areas of the Amiga.
-Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to non-technical questions.
-CD32 FAQ 2000
An updated version of the CD32 FAQ. Written by Shane R. Monroe.
-Irritating Frequently Asked Questions
A list of questions that are asked by net newbies. Written by Warren Block.
-A1000 FAQ
A1000 Frequently Asked Questions by Patrick James.
-The .ADF (Amiga Disk File) format FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions covering the ADF file format used by Amiga emulators. Written by Laurent Clévy
-Amiga Hardfile FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions covering multi-platform hardfiles for emulators.
-Amiga Books FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on old books covering the Classic Amiga
-Hardware FAQ
Hardware Frequently Asked Questions by Patrick James. 
-Networking FAQ
Networking Frequently Asked Questions by Patrick James.
General Computing
-Filename Extensions
When viewing files it can be difficult to know what type a particular file is. This page shows how you can recognise a file type by the name extension.
-Emote Icons
A list of those irritating smiley faces and what they mean. :^D
What do all the terms mean. Sorted alphabetically
-List of Acronyms
Over the years people have shortened words to save time. An Acronym reduces it to just the first letter of each word.


Last Update: 16/6/2002


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