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The Long Overdue Update: 10th June, 2007

Tony Horgan, former editor of CU Amiga describes his time in the big chair.

Updates to the AmigaOne ATX motherboards. New Micro-A1 motherboards page. New images added to the Amiga items page. Press releases added for Viscorp

A new variant of the Amiga 1500 Personal Home Computer bundle has been discovered, thanks to the work of several people on the English Amiga Board.

FPGA-based Amigas: MiniMig, Clone-A, and NatAmi.

A500 Starter pack.

German A500 Airbus pack

Amiga case modders unite! DVD 1200 , Hipoonios' Amiga audio player

New page on the current iteration of Amiga Inc. created. Press releases added.

Added Mark Brown's overview of .info magazine.

Rewrote the Amiga Anywhere-compatible devices page to provide further information on the market situation in 2000-2002.

Removed the Merlancia section and moved their various announcement to the Amiga prototypes page. Rewrote the MeterNet SimpleBox page and moved it to Amiga prototypes.

Rewrote the Amiga Computing page.

More information on several magazines discovered.

Thanks to: Tony Horgan, Alan Edmonds, Stuart Caie, Bill Thomson, John de Kruyf, Mikael Persson, Curtis Grant, Ram Meenakshisundaram, Donald Dalley, Andreas Eibach, Can Selimoglu, Jim Grimwood, Philippe 'Elwood' Ferrucci, Guy Westbrook


Amiga History Guide: 23rd July, 2005

Twenty years ago Commodore unveiled the Amiga 1000 at the Lincoln Centre in New York.
On behalf of the Amiga community I would like to thank the pioneers responsible for its creation and those people who allowed the Amiga to grow during the last 20 years.

Hello Slashdotters! Please be kind to our server

Amiga History Guide: 30th March , 2003

A major redesign of the entire site. The magazines section has been moved to the main navigation bar and a new FAQ, disclaimer & banners page have been created.

Amiga Interactive Guide: 24th February, 2003

Next Generation

Concept Designs

  • As part of my attempt to organise the Gateway-era files I've created a new page showcasing the Amiga MCC concept designs & the foam models.
  • Created new page on the Amiga PC concept designs that were presented by Dale Luck at various vintage computer shows.

Classic Amiga hardware

  • Thanks to Ian Chapman another Amiga device has been discovered. The MagicBox Alphagen is a rack-mounted A1200 that is sold to the video market.
  • Thanks to Ian Dibsdall and various others I have updated the Transputer page with tons of new information. Prepare to drool at the technology that would have taken over the world!
  • Discovered a press release for Index Information's CD32 Hyper-Museum project.


  • Modified the Amithlon page to give a brief description of past events. Created a new page dedicated to its cancelled follow-up, Umilator.


Various Items

World of Amiga wrap-up party (07/11/2002)

In cooperation with Andreas Loong, AiG has become mirror for the audio files captured at the World of Amiga show.

World of Amiga edition (25/10/2002)

World Exclusive!

Thanks to the people at Thendic France, Amiga Interactive Guide can reveal six original concept designs for the Amiga Walker. To read more about these exciting developments visit this page!

Exciting developments

  • The Photo Magic - an A600 based kiosk system that recently appeared on eBay - has been added to the Bundles section.
  • Several new MorphOS & AmigaOS 4.0 screenshots have been uploaded.

The latest news from every corner of the Amiga scene

  • The final days of Met@box - the final remains of the company that created the TransAM are swept aside.
  • Merlancia Industries announce that, contrary to recent announcements, they have not been declared insolvent.
  • The latest announcements from Amiga Inc.

Other site changes

Sunday September 1st, 2002


Rescanned the first issue of Digital magazine. My scanner was on its last legs when I originally scanned the issues, so I will have to rescan them at a later date. Christoph Gutjahr has submitted reviews of four German magazines - Amiga Fever, Amiga Magazin, Amiga Future and Amiga Plus. Also updated the Magazine & scene mag lists with several new entries. My thanks go to Pamir Talazan, Christoph Gutjahr, Nico Barbat, Peter Gordon for the detailed information provided for the magazine section. Added several new cover scans, circa 1988 - 89, to the Amiga User International page. Made pretty logos for The One Amiga and CU Amiga Magazine sections.

Finally updated the Amiga Format section with a description of issues 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123 and 124. Also added an image of Amiga Shopper issue 0 to the AF21 and Amiga Shopper pages.


The A600 Quavers promotion and the Retro Systems A1000 have been added to the Bundles page. Scanned an advert for the Cerberus x86 Amiga clone. The advert can be found on the Cerberus and Amiga advertisements page.


The Amiga 690 CD-ROM drive and the Nokia Media Terminal has been moved/added to the Prototype page. Also included Rodney Hester's article that proves the unofficial OS3.5 ROM is a hacked version of Kickstart 3.1. An Amiga-based pinball machine has been discovered. The HoloPin was a prototype version of William's Pinball 2000 series.

Next Generation:

As a result of the various announcements from Thendic France and the progress of MorphOS, I've given the project its own page. Over the coming months the amount of content available from this page will increase. Take a look at the new bPlan page, featuring new information on the Eclipsis MorphOS-based handheld.

At the AmiWest 2002 show, Bill McEwen announced Amiga Anywhere for the o2 XDA. Added the Sendo-Amiga press release to the relevant page and included set 3 of the OS4 development screenshots. Also rewrote sections of the AmigaOS 4.0 page. More rare items were uploaded.

Finally, I would like to thank Sven Harvey for mentioning AiG in the July 25th edition of Micro Mart.


Sunday July 28th 2002

Mirrored the AmiWest 2002 speeches. Click here to listen to the Bill McEwen interview and more.
Rescanned the covers of Amiga Format issues 134, 135 and 136 and provided a more detailed description of the news items and tutorials.


Wednesday June 26th, 2002

Hello and welcome to another AiG site update. Over 20MB has been added since the last update in March. A great deal of this has involved rewriting existing pages to add more information and better quality images. Several new pages have also been created for products that have been announced recently.

Amiga: The Next Generation

As usual I have updated several pages with the latest information from Amiga Inc, Eyetech, and several other developers.

Classic Amiga developments:

Several new Amiga units have been documented:

  • The Scala Workstation 500 and Scala Infochannel Player were mid-1990s systems that were used for point-of-sale and multimedia services.
  • The Amiga Virtual Reality page has been retooled as a generic Amiga in the Arcade page, hosting several interesting Amiga arcade projects.
  • Several Amiga-based arcade machines have been documented. Relive the glory days at the arcade with the Riverboat Queen and the Up Scope machines. I also discovered more information on the VR POD that indicates it was more than an Amiga descendant, it was a 68040 Amiga itself.
  • The Amiga bundles page has been given an overhaul and the A500 'New Art' edition has been added.
  • The Draco page has been updated.

Other Important Items:

  • The Amiga magazine list has been updated with several new magazines.
  • Due to the closure of Digital Magazine I have written brief descriptions of the four issues that were available. These can be found in the Amiga Active section.
  • Many new items have been added to the Amiga Gallery
  • More adverts have been uploaded, including the latest Tao Group ads.
  • An updated copy of the Amiga Related Books FAQ has been uploaded.
  • I have combined my list of Famous Amiga Uses with Pär Boberg's list. The all-new Famous Amiga Uses v2.0 can be found here.
  • Added several new photos and revamped existing images in the Amiga photos section.
  • Rewrote several sections of the Amiga History.
  • Several new Amiga press releases added to the historical archives

In addition there are many other changes. I've removed some of the old FAQ's in the Techies Workbench section that were outdated and messing up my dead link counter.

Previous Site Updates

Version 3.8 - 13th March 2002 Update (5th Anniversary)

Version 3.71 - 5th November 2001 Update

Version 3.7 - 1st September 2001 Update

Version 3.63 - 20th May 2001 Update

Version 3.62 - 11th April 2001 Update

Version 3.61 - 30th March 2001 Update

Version 3.6 - 19th March 2001 Update

Version 3.5 - 11th August 2000 Update

Version 3.0 - 3.4 Updates

Version 2.0 - 2.2 Updates

Version 1.0 - 1.6 Updates

Blimey! It's a whopper!

Over the years AiG has grown considerably. The table below shows the date when each version was released and the size of the file/directory.

Version Bytes Date
1.1 107,864 11/04/1997
1.2 105,418 16/04/1997
1.3 109,137 21/05/1997
1.4 127,455 29/05/1997
1.5 150,814 05/06/1997
1.6 224,239 25/06/1997
Second phase
2.0 506,344 17/09/1997
AiG Forever 586,909 09/11/1997
2.2- BETA 678,942 02/03/1998
Third Phase
3.0 3,350,163 19/08/1998
3.1 4,724,491 22/09/1998
3.2 6,334,429 13/02/1999
3.2.1 6,334,429 28/02/1999
3.3 12.3Mb 04/10/1999
3.31 12.3Mb 12/10/1999
3.4 20.2Mb 23/03/2000
3.41 22.7Mb 22/04/2000
3.5 40.2Mb 11/08/2000
3.6 58Mb 19/03/2001
3.61 63Mb 30/03/2001
3.62 64.3Mb 11/04/2001
3.63 64.3Mb 20/05/2001
3.7 75Mb 01/11/2001
3.71 75Mb 05/11/2001
3.8 96Mb 13/03/2002
3.9 125Mb 26/06/2002
3.91 184Mb 28/07/2002
4.0 140Mb 01/09/2002
4.1 145Mb 25/10/2002
4.1.1 145Mb 07/11/2002
4.2 156Mb 24/02/2003
Fourth Phase
4.3 171Mb 20/03/2003



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Other interesting items in the archive!



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