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RetroSystem A1000

Retro Systems A1000

Developer: Retro Systems
Year: 2002

Marketed as "technohistory, art and supercharged customized cool", the RetroSystems A1000 is one of three custom x86 retro cases (the others are the Atari 2600 & NES) to be announced by Kermit Woodall. Each machine features a mini ATX board fitted into a specially adapted case. Unlike similar plans by Merlancia to use the MCC & Walker case design to house their own creations, the Retro Systems use the original cases from broken units. As a result, they will inevitably be produced in a small number only. The Retro Systems offer has attracted criticism from many rabid Amiga users, who object to the notion of selling x86 boxes to the Amiga market (a similar criticism was made of the Cerberus and the Extreme AmigaXL). In spite of the obsessive nature of these criticisms, they raise an interesting point - the A1000 is historically worth more in its original case than a modified design.

The Retro Systems A1000 machine features a 950Mhz Celeron CPU, 128MB RAM, 20gb 3.5" hard drive, a Side-mounted CD drive, and the usual ports. It is also sold with an optional Windows 2000 and Amiga Forever software bundle. More interestingly, as the images show below, the keyboard garage can be used to store different shaped keyboards.

Retro 2 Retro 3 Retro 4 Retro 2 Retro 6

Retro A1000 specifications


Last Update: 31/7/2002


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