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Commodore Amiga 3000UX bundle

A3000UX- Click to enlarge
Developer: Commodore International
Launch date: 1991

The 3000UX was Commodore's ploy to capture some of the UNIX market. In an unusual step, Commodore management were thinking ahead and wanted to create a professional image for the computer. The company had already produced a 2630 card for the Amiga 2500 that had proved popular. In a press release, Commodore indicated the machine was intended to undercut the prices of existing Unix workstations:

"part of Commodore's goal to provide technical solutions at affordable prices for users, providing a unique platform for the industry standard operating system."

For a short while, the A3000UX was the only computer that UNIX users could purchase to use System 5 Release 4. Other versions were released a few months later. This offered a significant advantage to Commodore. However, it is unknown if this directly translated into sales of the machine.


System Specifications

The A3000UX is an updated version of the original A3000 unit.

CPU 68030
Operating System AMIX (Amiga UNIX) system 5 Release 4/AmigaOS 2.04
Drives (SCSI) 200MB hard disk and optional A3070 tape drive
Memory 9MB
Display A1950 colour monitor (optional)
Zorro cards A2410 hi-resolution colour card, Ethernet card (for both thick and thin Ethernet)
Price: $4998.00

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