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The Alpha range of Amiga-based workstations are designed to allow the Amiga to once again dominate the graphics market that it was designed for. Like most of the current PowerPC-based Amiga systems it offers multi-processor support and are based upon the standard A4000 mother -board. All prices stated are in US dollars.

Cordel Alpha 1 PowerPC Workstation

The Alpha 1 uses a PowerPC 604e running at 150MHz as well as the 68060 processor running at 50MHz. This allows all PPC and 680x0 software to be run at the maximum speed available. It has a total of 46Mb memory as standard- 32Mb EDO RAM, 12Mb fast ram, and 2Mb chip. It also uses 4Mb graphics ram, via the built-in PPC CyberVision card. This allows a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 in 16-bit graphics (over 65,000 colours on screen), or 1280x1024 in 24-bit (16.8 million colours!). The card also features 3D acceleration, allowing the production of hardware -hitting games such as Tomb Raider. The machine also comes with a 2 gigabyte (GB) SCSI-Wide hard drive, 20X SCSI CD-ROM drive, 1.76Mb floppy drive, 33.6kbps US Robotics modem with internet software and 17 SVGA .25 Dot Pitch monitor. The system can be expanded through several built-in interfaces, such as the SCSI-II, IDE, parallel and serial ports. There is also support for an optional 10-base-T networking card. The machine will take the form of a standard ATX tower case with separate PC-compatible keyboard.

Price on release- $3799

Cordel Alpha 2 PowerPC Workstation

The Alpha 2 is based around the same system design as the previous model, whilst expanding its capabilities. This is achieved using a PowerPC 604e processor running at 180MHz, as well as the obligatory Motorola 68060 running at 50MHz. The amount of memory provided has also been increased to 78Mb- 64Mb EDO, 12Mb Fast and 2Mb chip, as well as 4Mb graphics ram. The machine also comes fitted with a 4.5Gb SCSI-Wide hard drive. It offers basically the same hardware support as the Alpha 1, such as SCSI-II and IDE ports, as well as 24-bit display, whilst expanding on its professional image through the use a 19 SVGA .25 Dot Pitch monitor and internal 100Mb Zip drive as standard. It also comes with an optional 10-base-T network card.

Price on release: $4499

Cordel Alpha 5 PowerPC Workstation

Whatever happened to the Alpha 3 and 4? This is possibly the first case of numerical discrimination. Moving swiftly along, the Alpha 5 is designed for very, very high-end projects. It uses the PowerPC 604e processor running at 200mHz, as well as the required 68060 50mHz. It has a whopping 142Mb of memory in total. This is made up of 128Mb EDO, 12Mb fast, and 2Mb chip. It also uses the CyberVision PPC card with 4Mb graphics ram for the display. This, again is capable of a maximum 1600x1200 16-bit and 1280x1024 24-bit display, whilst offering 3D acceleration, allowing software to use OpenGL. the machine breaks the Amiga FFS restriction on hard drives by including a whopping 9.1Gb SCSI-Wide hard drive. As with previous models it comes with a 33.6kbps US Robotics modem and internet software, 19 Super VGA .25 Dot Pitch, 20X SCSI CD-ROM drive, 1.76 MB Floppy, internal Iomega ZIP drive, and an optional 10-base-T network card. It also offers the use ports such as SCSI-II, IDE, mouse, keyboard, joystick, parallel, and serial.

Price on release: $4999




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