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The name of the magazine.


The country it is/was published in. This does not mean the country that it is imported to. Therefore, Amiga Computing is a UK magazine, even though it is also found in the USA.

Last issue released

The date MARKED upon the last issue, not the actual month it came out.

Number of issues

The number of issues that there have been. This should be marked upon the cover. Do not try to guess it as many magazines may be released 13 times a year. Some magazines, such as CU Amiga magazine do not publish the issue number. Does anyone want to count how many there have been?


Has it ever included a disk or CD on the cover for even one month? If so, then it will be included. In the UK, only Amiga Format, CU Amiga magazine and the CD³² magazines have had CD's on the cover regularly. Amiga Computing had one on the cover in May 1995 and Amiga User International have included three during 1994.

Type of magazine

Examines the type of coverage on Amiga matters it has/had. This is separated into:

Game- It's a magazines aimed solely at games.

Tech- It covers technical matters and "serious" software. There are not many about due to the image of the Amiga as a game machine. The only news-stand one that I know is Amiga Shopper.

Both- A magazine that examines both games and technical software. It is quite safe to say that all those in existence now cover these areas.




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