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Extreme AmigaXL x86 Clones

Seller: Extreme Computing
Announced: March 2002

Following Haage & Partner's launch of x86 Amiga XL compatibles, Extreme Computing followed with their own version. The x86 boards are sold as high power replacements of the Commodore A1200 & A4000, based upon their similar form factor. Interestingly, the AmigaOS XL emulator does not come as standard, making these machines a questionable marketing exercise. In addition, the graphics card in these machines do not match the list of Amithlon requirements. As a result, Amithlon would only be able to run in VESA compatibility mode.

Silverblue 1800 Name Amiga X1200
Motherboard: SIS 630S
Processor: 866 MHz Pentium III
RAM: 128 Meg SDRAM
Hard disk 20 Gig EIDE
Display: Integrated 2D/3D graphics engine, 4x AGP, up to 1920x1440 resolution, Shared system memory utilizing up to 64MB, hardware decoding DVD accelerator support

Dual Video: (VGA, LCD panel & Video Interface)
VGA, LCD, TV display 3 choose 1
LCD: Digital Flat Panel
Video: Video-Out (RCA jack)
The second video(VGA2) can be set as the primary video by the Operating System.
Drives: 3.5" slim 1.44MB Floppy (optional), Slim CD, CD-RW, DVD options
Sound: AC' 97 Audio CODEC with full duplex, Supports Microsoft Direct sound, 3D positional audio effects, Audio-Out, Line-In Mic-In.

Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet controller, RJ45 connector,
Wake-On-LAN support.

Modem: 56K v.90 (optional)
Ports & Expansion slots Windbond 83697HF super I/O chips, COM1, COM2, LPT1, 4-USB Ports w/Hot-Plug function, 1 PCI Expansion Slot (short card)
OS: Amiga® x86 OS, Netware, Linux, Unix, Windows
Warranty 2 years limited
Keyboard: Full-size Enhanced Windows-style keyboard
Dimensions: 18.25" wide x 8.5" deep x 0.5" high at front and 2.75" high at back
Price: $625
View black X1200 (60K) View close-up (42K)


Amiga EX (EX4100) Name: Amiga EX ((EX4100)
Motherboard: SiS 630
Processor: 933 MHz Pentium III
RAM: 128 Meg SDRAM
Hard disk: 40 Gig EIDE
Graphic Card: SiS630 / 32Meg 64-bit Bus
Drives: CD-ROM
Sound: Sound Blaster Audio System
Mouse/keyboard: Optional keyboard, Logitech Mouse
Operating systems: Linux OS, AmigaXL OS, QNX RTOS
Dimensions: Size: 14.5" x 15.1 " x 6.8"
Weight: 17.4 Lbs
Price: $1195



Last Update:14/6/2002


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