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Can I upgrade my CDTV to AmigaOS 3.1?

For many years the CDTV has been stuck using Workbench 1.3. Whilst an upgrade was released to allow the use of Workbench 2 these were in very limited supply and would not allow access to many of the more recent AmigaOS 3 applications that actually use CD-ROM. On December 15, 1998, the Amiga of Minnesota Interest Groups Alliance (A.M.I.G.A.) announced the final beat testing of an upgrade to allow the use of the Amiga 3.1 ROM. The upgrade requires the same ROM chip that fits into the A500 and A2000, and are in plentiful supply for around £30. The upgrade is an official licensed product from Amiga International. To order the chip or request information about it, email thedoctor@wavetech.net with the subject as "CDTV UPGRADE PROJECT" and an order form will be sent to you. If you are not on the internet write to:
c/o Ben Deemer
14501 Sunfish Lake Blvd
Ramsey, MN.
U.S.A. 55303-4578

An order form will be mailed and $0.35 will be added to the total cost. A.M.I.G.A. have announced that these kits will retail at the following:

CDTV proms kit and instructions: $23.00 US
3.1 OS Rom if ordered with proms $30 US.

All shipping will be by US Postal Priority System 2/3 day. Rates as follows:
US - $3, - Canada, Mexico, Western Europe, Middle East - $3.75, - Pacific Rim, South America - $4.95





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