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Commodore Evolution
Developer: Computer National Inc.
Announcement: 2001

A possible design for the Evolution

A second attempt at resurrecting the Commodore brand for the convergence market. The Commodore Evolution promises the following features:

  • Operating system, equipped with graphical user interface, located in ROM.
  • 200 MHz - 500 MHz CPU
  • Expandable to 512 Mb
  • Commodore-compatible 6502 on-board
  • TV or SVGA output
  • 56k modem or Ethernet
  • Web browser
  • E-mail
  • Basic programming language
The system is obviously aimed at the extreme low-end of the market, located between the Bush InternetTV and the Gateway Touchpad. It provides some of the basic features of a traditional computer - web browsing and basic programming language - without confusing the user with OS installations. The basic programming language is a novelty for this market, resembling the Microsoft-developed basic language of the original Commodore 64. However, the on-board 6502 processor is a questionable addition The specifications indicate that the machine will include a physical 6502 chip; why include an expensive processor that can be emulated in software? What possible benefit can be gained? Furthermore, the case design is unoriginal, bearing a strong resemblance to several other existing products. Computers National, Inc. appear to have simply added a Commodore logo to the mouse. Many Commodore and Amiga owners suspect the machine is a fake, reminiscent of the iWin announcements during 1999. Time will tell...

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