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Amiga OS 3.5 Feature List

(Taken from the Amiga Inc. web site).

Benefits of the AmigaOS 3.5 Update

  • Easy Internet Access
  • Support for Hard disks > 4GB
  • Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Extensive CD-ROM support
  • Support for current printers
  • PowerPC support
  • HTML Online Documentation
  • Bug Fixes
  • Enhancements

Easy Internet Access

TCP/IP Stack
  • Support for Internet and Ethernet
  • Easy to setup the connection to your provider within minutes (automatic configuration utility that detects IP addresses, netmasks, DNS servers, dial script and all other required information by itself)
  • Support for multiple configuration files, e.g. for multiple Internet providers
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack with built-in PPP, SLIP, INetD, SANA-II and usergroup support
  • Comprehensive PPP implementation with support for PAP and CHAP
  • Latest Socks v4/5 client module for firewalls
  • Enhanced SANA II support for fast transfer rates
  • SANA-II R3 support for newer Ethernet drivers (comes with a set of optimized MNI Ethernet drivers for all Amiga Zorro-II Ethernet boards that provide faster data transfer than ordinary SANA-II drivers)
  • Supports analog modem lines, ISDN boards, ISDN TAs, PPP, SLIP, Slirp, TIA, ADSL, cable modems, Ethernet LANs, Arcnet LANs, parallel links and several other types of connections (includes comprehensive modem and ISDN database)
  • Support for DHCP and BootP (important for ADSL and cable modems)
  • Option for automatic hang-up on inactivity, and option to prevent the ISP from hanging up on inactivity
  • Dynamic DNS cache for faster web browsing
  • Built-in fingerd, identd and inet-handler
  • Compatible with bsdsocket.library V4
  • OS 3.5 GUI style
  • WWW Browser with Offline/Online support
  • Browsing the OS 3.5 documentation and the Internet
  • New Cross-Application E-mail Library
  • General API for sending and receiving of E-mails
  • New E-Mail Client
  • Based on the E-mail library



  • New standard for 64 Bit Devices
  • Updated Info, Format, Diskcopy and FastFileSystem

New HDToolBox

  • The low-level library processes the following tasks
  • Scanning the SCSI bus
  • Read the physical information of the hard disk
  • Read/write the logical information (RDB)
  • Create Mount files
  • Read special Mount entries to restore the RDB
  • HDToolBox application that uses the low-level library
  • New GUI style

Modern Graphical User Interface (GUI)

New Icon Set (Glow Icons)
  • New complete icon set for all system tools
  • New icons for most applications
  • New Icon Library
  • Icons with up to 256 colors
  • Automatic color adaptation
  • NewIcon compatible
  • Compatible to OS 3.1 icons
  • New API functionality
  • Faster and more robust
New BOOPSI Library
  • New complete set of powerful BOOPSI gadgets
  • Very fast, modular and scalable
  • AmigaOS compatible implementation
  • Compatible to existing BOOPSI classes
  • New Resource Library
  • Loads and manages all GUI resources
  • Change the GUI without recompilation of the application
  • Can be used with any programming language
  • Updated and enhanced Workbench

More responsive user interface

  • Progress requester for copy/delete
  • Enhanced information requester
  • Smart display update
  • New keyboard control functionality
  • New API functionality

Extensive CD-ROM Support

  • ISO9660, RockRidge, Joliet (Win 95/98) and MAC HFS compatible
  • Supports Amiga protection bit and file comments
  • MultiSession CD-ROM support
  • New PlayCD
  • (programmable) Audio player for SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives
  • Low memory consumption
  • New CDFSPrefs
  • CacheCDFS preferences for 'on the fly' configuration

Full Printer Support

  • New Printer Device
  • Drivers for common printers
  • PowerPC support
  • New functions to print all kinds of bitmaps
  • New API to define page size and page break correctly
  • Support for 24 bit Picasso96 DumpRastPort command
  • TurboPrint compatible functions to print 8 Bit chunky and 16/24 bit bitmaps
  • New Printer Preferences
  • Updated for new GUI style

PowerPC Support

  • New WarpUP PowerPC Support
  • AmigaOS compatible integration
  • Extensive functionality
  • Hardware independent driver system, easy to extend
  • New Preferences
  • Updated for new GUI style

HTML Documentation

  • New Comprehensive Instructions
  • Reworked documentation for Workbench, DOS, ARexx and Harddisk
  • Completion of all the new features of AmigaOS 3.5
  • Extensive illustrations
  • Bilingual English/German

Bug Fixes

  • Corrections to improve overall robustness and to fix long standing bugs
  • Reworked A2024 monitor driver
  • Reworked CLI command (Join, Status, Type)
  • Reworked IPrefs command (more robust, better Workbench pattern support)
  • Reworked LoadWB


  • Updated asl.library (more responsive, faster, enhanced user interface, more robust)
  • Updated DataTypes
  • 8svx.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; faster and more robust)
  • amigaguide.datatype / amigaguide.library (faster, new API functionality)
  • anim.datatype (now supports all major IFF-ANIM formats; more robust)
  • animation.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust; new API functionality; RTG compatible)
  • ascii.datatype (faster and more robust)
  • cdxl.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust)
  • ilbm.datatype (now supports true color pictures; more robust)
  • picture.datatype (now supports true color pictures, dithering and color quantization; more robust, new API functionality; RTG compatible)
  • sound.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust, new API functionality)
  • text.datatype (faster and more robust)
  • New DataTypes for GIF, JPEG, PNG and AIFF file format
  • Updated 68040.library (performance improvements)
  • Updated bullet.library (performance improvements)
  • New SCSI Mount tool


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