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Commodore-Amiga Sales Figures

Information on the sales of the Amiga throughout the world may be lacking in many respects. However, there are some figures available that indicate how many were sold during the Commodore era. These only show official figures, the number of Amigas world-wide has been estimated to be 4 times as much.

One source of statistics for the number of Amigas owned world-wide comes from the June 1993 edition of Amiga Format. They indicate a total of 4,850,000 Amiga owners. However, it should be pointed out that their mathematics were questionable at best. Their breakdown of Amiga ownership indicates a figure of 3,800,000 in Europe- this covers the UK, Germany, France, and Italy. However, when added together the total comes to 3,650,000 - 150,000 short. To give them the benefit of the doubt I have added these 'missing' owners to 'other European Countries'. The results on the rest of the world are also questionable...

North America 700,000
Australia & New Zealand 350,000
United Kingdom 1,500,000
Germany 1,300,000
France 250,000
Italy 600,000
Other European Countries 150,000
Rest of World 0

A second Amiga magazine provide a similar figure, while providing a breakdown of many other European countries.

United Kingdom 1.5 million
Germany 1.4 million
Italy 700,000
France 275,000
Scandinavia 90,000
Benelux 45,000
Rest of Europe 35,000
North America 600,000
Rest of World 400,000

Breakdown of world-wide statistics according to country

These figures are open to interpretation and can never be accurately predicted. A breakdown of these results to distinguish which machines sold more could be further queried. However, few Commodore subsidiaries prepared to release such information. One of the few people to make such information available was Dr. Peter Kittel, who worked for Commodore Germany until it filed for liquidation proceedings. He suggests there is a total of 5,292,200 Amigas world-wide and provides a breakdown of the number of machines sold in Germany. These are based upon recorded serial numbers of machines sold before December 31st, 1993 (Source: Marketing Department, Commodore Frankfurt).


Amiga CD32 25,000
Amiga CDTV 25,800
Amiga 500 1,081,000
Amiga 500+ 79,500
Amiga 600 193,000
Amiga 1000 27,500
Amiga 1200 95,500
Amiga 2000  124,500
Amiga 3000 8,300
Amiga 4000/030 7,500
Amiga 4000/040 3,800
Amiga 3000(T) CA.6000
Amiga 3000(T)- 040 (030 CPU absent)  CA.  80
A1060 Sidecar  CA.3-5000

So, there are 10 times more A500 (and A500+) in Germany than Amiga 1200s! This provides a sum total of 1,677,480 Amigas sold in Germany (excluding the A1060 sidecar).

C128 284.300
C16/116 286.500
C64  3.050.000

Thanks to Dr. Peter Kittel for releasing these figures.

Official figures on other countries are patchy. The only information I could find was that the CDTV sold almost 30,000 units in the UK. This is based upon information provided by Kelly Sumner, former head of Commodore UK, in an Amiga Format interview (June 1993).

CDTV 29,000 - 30,000

Yearly Results

The year-by-year statistics are also incomplete, but a combination of press releases and magazine announcements give some clues on how many Amigas were sold during a particular year. At the moment this only covers 1992

UK Sales by Year

Year Machine Units sold Source
July 1987 - June 1988 A500 40,000 Amiga Format Annual 1993
July 1988 - June 1989 A500 160,000
July 1989 - June 1990 A500 200,000
July 1990 - June 1991 A500 250,000
July 1991 - June 1992 A500/A600 300,00

World-wide Sales by Year

Year Machine Units sold Source
1992 A600 200,000 Amiga Format May 1993
A1200 44,000 (Oct - Dec)
Other Amigas 146,000
1993 A1200 100,000 (Jan - Aug?) Amiga Format September 1993

If anyone has additional statistics to add and can authenticate their source I can be contacted through the email address on the main page.



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