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Virtual i-O glasses

Virtual i-o
The Virtual i-O glasses were one of the few interesting items to appear from Escom while they owned the Amiga. In a press release marked the 28th July 1995, the Escom subsidiary Virtual Products GmbH announced exclusive rights to distribute the glasses in Europe.
The glasses
The i-glasses, weighing just eight ounces, were a low-end virtual reality headset. Two versions of the glasses were released - a PC specific version that came with custom software, and a video version that could be used with any TV-compatible computer, including the Amiga. However, the video version did not support the head tracking support found in the PC version. This essentially made it a personal display unit rather than a gateway to a virtual 3D world. The VR glasses were sold in Escom stores and advertised in the national press.

The glasses were badly supported in the Amiga market. Only two games are known to support the glasses - Gloom Deluxe and the Nemac IV Director's Cut CD.

Despite making a number of  influential friends, including IBM and Microsoft, the virtual i-O was a short-lived phenomenon. A few years after Escom entered liquidation the American developers filed for chapter 11 proceedings (an indication that the company were reorganizing to better handle their debts).

If you are interested in the I-glasses themselves, read Dr. Peter Kittels Usenet posting on the subject.

View advert for the Virtual i-O Glasses (110K)


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