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Welcome To NWAG!

NWAG, short for North West Amiga Group, was founded in late 2015 as a reaction to the renewed levels of enthusiasm centred around the Amiga computer.
Set up as a point of contact and meeting point for all enthusiastic Amiga supporters and users throughout the North West, the group is aimed at all levels of Amiga user, from the gamer, to the creative musician, the image editor, the Workbench-whizz or the re-capper!

Whether you own a bog standard A500 or one of the newer PowerPC models you are welcome.
The group is still in its infancy and so far has had one meeting, which you can read about on the Meetings page.

We are currently taking suggestions for a new meeting venue in the North West with the view to holding regular meetings once a month.

The future of the group and its success depends on people like you, so please feel free to get on board, we are a friendly bunch and mostly harmless ;-)

The group has members who are on social media, for which we have an active Facebook page. This site is for everyone to follow NWAG as we appreciate not all of you use Facebook! For further information on NWAG or if you would like to get involved feel free to contact us via the many ways available on the Interact With NWAG page.

Hosted by the Bambi Amiga project.