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Commodore Amiga 4000

Developer: Commodore International
Launch date: 1992

In 1992 Commodore launched the most advanced Amiga yet. The A4000 used the AGA chipset to allow it to show 256,000 colours on screen from a palette of 16.8 million, as well as the new Workbench 3 that introduced the concept of among other things, datatypes. Several variants were available, all fitted with 6MB RAM, 1.76mb High-Density disk drive and a hard drive as standard. These are shown below:


Processor: EC030@25Mhz (on motherboard for A4000-CR models)
EC030@25Mhz via Commodore A3630 processor card
040@25Mhz via Commodore A3640 processor card
Motherboard Revisions Rev A
Rev B (the most common variation)
Rev C
Rev D (A4000-CR motherboard, processor is soldered to the motherboard but the CPU Fast Slot is still available)
Rev 2B

As a replacements for the A3000 & A3000T, the A4000 was a combination of the A2000 (big box), A3000 (vertical slots (integrated hard drive controller) and A1200 (AGA chips). As standard it allows memory expansion for up to 18Mb RAM on the motherboard. It shipped with either a 25 MHz 68030/68882 or 25 MHz 68040 CPU. The A4000 was never intended for release, but was a prototype for a system known as the A3000 Plus which was a considerably better machine. The machine was eventually cancelled and the A4000 drafted for release due to the low cost of development. Many ex-Commodore engineers, Dave Haynie being the most notable, have never forgiven this marketing blunder that replaced a machine that corrected many of the Amigas failings with one based around an extremely flawed design.

Close-up of the A4000 logo (7.33k) | A4000 Motherboard Revision 1 (80.2k) A4000 Rev D (47K) A4000 Rev D - Picture 2 (171K)

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