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AmigaOS 3.1

Developer: Commodore
Launched: 1994

The first version of the Amiga operating system to be officially dubbed AmigaOS. The move follow Apple renaming their propriety OS from "System" to "MacOS". The package was first released in a cut down form at the heart of the CD32. The following year (mid-1994) it was released as an upgrade a month after Commodore International went into liquidation. Escom introduced the version as standard when they began to manufacture the A1200 and A4000T again.

The upgrade consists of a ROM and 6 disks. Tailored Kickstart ROMs are available for all Amigas, apart from the A1000 (the A1000 requires some modification to work). The disks each cover a particular area- Workbench, Extras, Storage, Fonts, Locale and Install. The basic Workbench screen remains as the rather ugly 4 colour display.

DataTypes have been improved under AmigaOS 3.0, with a slight speed increase and a new Animation datatype class, with sub-classes for IFF ANIM and CDXL animations. Multiview has been dramatically improved with better support for swapping between screenmodes and the addition of an ARexx port. The addition of CD-ROM support was anxiously awaited but a big disapointment when it was finally released. CrossDOS has also been improved with support for Mac ASCII text translation. 

Commodore AmigaOS 3.1
The first release of AmigaOS 3.1 came during the turbulent time of 1994 after Commodore International filed for liquidation. The package was distributed via pirate copies and selected Amiga developers.

View Front Packaging (15.4k) View Back of Packaging (77.7k) View packaging and manuals (54k)

Amiga Technologies AmigaOS 3.1
After Escom bought the Amiga, Amiga Technologies rereleased the AmigaOS 3.1 upgrade. The packaging is considerably different from the Commodore release, showing Escom's influence.
View Packaging: Front (14.5k) Back (70k) View selection of manuals and disks- White (20.8k) View selection of manuals and disks- Red (13.7k)
View selection of manuals and disks- Blue (28.9k) View selection of manuals and disks- Yellow (29k) View selection of manuals and disks - Orange (92k)

Amiga International AmigaOS 3.1
The AI redesign replaces the check mark with a Boing Ball.
View Package (51.9k)
Kickstart 3.1 v40.63 ROM for A500/A2000 (12.1k)- Copyright Escom
Kickstart 3.1 v40.68 ROMs for Amiga 1200 (16.6k)- Copyright Amiga 1995

Thanks to Darren Eveland for the orange AmigaOS 3.1 disks

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