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MagicBox AlphaGen

Alphagen Units

Model Description Photo
Alphagen Plus
Complete, stand-alone character generator system with built-in CD-ROM drive featuring thousand of backgrounds. The Alphagen Plus includes 2,000 backgrounds and 15 font faces in 5 sizes each, as well as 100 clip art images - Many more images available in higher models - see below. Click For Full-Size Image
Alphagen Plus with Creativity Pack
The Creativity Pack adds 1,000 new backgrounds (including our new specially-themed Super Pack images), and brings the clip art total to 1,000 images. Also includes "Credit Roll" feature for scrolling long pages of information and special background effects: Brighten, Darken, Soften and Colorize, which may be applied to any background.
Upgrade to Creativity Pack from Plus at later time.
Alphagen with Image Capture (Playback Only)
The Image Capture models include all of the features of the Alphagen with Creativity Pack, plus a built-in hard drive for storage of user-supplied backgrounds. Users may import common file formats such as JPG, BMP, and TIF from PC floppy disks. Scanned and imported photos can be brightened, darkened, colorized, cropped, and positioned just like any built-in Alphagen background image. A reduced-cost "Playback Only" version is available for displaying information at a remote site.
Alphagen with Image Capture (Import Capable)

Alphagen Options

Model Description Photo
Modem Communications
Includes a high speed modem and connecting cables to allow communications with remote Alphagens, for example when sending a project from your office to a remote head-end. One modem is required for each Alphagen. Using both a modem and weather at the same time requires the Multi Port or Device Controller options. Modem
Special software for Windows 95 / 98 / NT4 machines to dial and connect to an Alphagen. The PC's keyboard then becomes the Alphagen keyboard. Requires a TV or monitor near the PC that can view the output of the Alphagen. Modems not included.
Alphagen File Sentry
Customizable program for interfacing the Alphagen to PC database applications. Useful for displaying conference schedules, price updates, etc. This item requires a custom bid based on the specific application.
Weather Display System - Standard
This system includes weather instruments which monitor local temperature, wind speed/direction, and rainfall. Additionally, wind chill is calculated and displayed. The Deluxe model adds sensors for barometric pressure and humidity/dew point. Note that to use weather display and a modem on the same Alphagen requires the Multi Port or Device Controller options. Click For Full-Size Image
Weather Display System - Deluxe
Multi Port
Provides a second serial port installed at time of order. Used in situations where more than one serial device is required (such as modem and weather at the same time). Must be specified in original order of a new Alphagen unit.
Device Controller
Add-on serial port controller for Alphagen units which did not have a Multi Port installed as part of the original order - may be added on easily in the field. Provides four independent RS-232 serial ports. Used in situations where more than one serial device is required (such as modem and weather at the same time).
VTR Control Package - 2 VCRs
Allows the Alphagen to control consumer VCRs via infrared transmitters. Hundreds of VCRs are supported - call for advice on VCR purchase and compatibility. The VTR-2 model supports a maximum of 2 VCRs while the VTR-4 model allows you to connect up to 4 VCRs. Click For Full-Size Image
VTR Control Package - 4 VCRs
This video overlay genlock unit allows Alphagen text to be overlaid downstream on an incoming video signal. Set up any page with a background type of "Video Overlay" to use the video signal as a background. Has composite and S-Video inputs and outputs. Requires a continuous, stable video input signal. If you are using VCRs or part time sources as your video signal, a TBC (Time Base Corrector) may be required. Contact us for more info on your application. The Genlock option may be easily added to any Alphagen serial # 5301 or higher.
Uninterruptable Power Supply
Protects your Alphagen from possible data-loss due to power spikes, surges, and outages. Strongly recommended for areas with frequent power failures. Click For Full-Size Image



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