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Commodore Photo Album

Over the years Commodore took the Amiga from an all-time high and then reduced it to ashes. Here are just a few of the people that controlled the Amiga market.
Medhi Ali Medhi Ali
Former Managing Director of Commodore. His legacy includes the cancellation of the A3000+ in favour of the inferior A4000. He is one of the people blamed for the collapse of the once great company.
Dean Barrett Dean Barrett
Dean was Commodore UK marketing manager during 1990.
Steve Beats Steve Beats
Responsible for Amiga File System development
Martin Chipperfield Martin Chipperfield
Regional sales manager at Commodore UK
Terry Cooke Terry Cooke
Cooke was head of Commodore UK's multimedia division.
Jeff Earl Jeff Earl
Jeff became marketing manager for Commodore during 1989. He was sacked less than a year later.
Lew Eggerbrecht Lew Eggerbrecht
Commodore Vice President of Engineering before the closure. He was partly responsible for the CD32.
Andy Finkel Andy Finkel
Software Manager at Commodore-Amiga during the mid-1980s
Steve Franklin Steve Franklin
Former managing director of Commodore UK.
Don Gilbreath Don Gilbreath
Director of product and Market Development at Commodore International from 1980 to 1992. He became Chief Technical Officer at VisCorp, working alongside Amiga Technologies on the Amiga ED.
Rick Glover Rick Glover
Rick was head of CBM technical support during the late 1980s. He has a degree in electronics and a PhD in aerodynamics.
Irving Gould Irving Gould
Investor that allowed Jack Tramiel to develop calculator and, eventually desktop computers.
Dr. Rahman Haleem Dr. Rahman Haleem
Technical manager at Commodore UK during the late 1980s. He coordinated the work of CATS UK and ran the Amiga Developers Advisory Board.
Dave Haynie Dave Haynie
Former Commodore head of engineering. Responsible for the unreleased AAA and Hombre projects and is still quite vocal in the Amiga community.
Click here to see another picture of Dave looking very young.
Randell Jesup Randell Jesup
Responsible for AmigaDOS development
Dr. Tim King Dr. Tim King
Developer of TripOS for the 68k. He was contracted by Commodore to replace CAOS, which had fell behind, with AmigaDOS. He later developed the Abaq transputer system for the Atari ST. View a current photo.
Peter Kittel Dr. Peter Kittel 
Worked for Commodore Germany in the engineering department and was hired by Amiga Technologies as their documentation writer and web services manager. He is still an active Amiga user.
Brian Lavington Brian Lavington
Commodore's Multimedia sales manager during the early 1990s.
Werter Mambelli Werter Mambelli
CEO of CBM Italy during 1989
David Pleasance David Pleasance
Took over as joint Managing Director of Commodore UK after the resignation of Kelly Sumner. During his time in marketing he was responsible for some of the most popular Amiga bundles, including the Batman pack. Jointly responsible for the Commodore UK Management Buyout.
Jeff Porter Jeff Porter
Jeff headed the A500 design team, and took charge of hardware development at Commodore. When asked about hardware changes between current machines and those in development, he would repeatedly comment "Apple pie and motherhood".
Colin Proudfoot Colin Proudfoot
The final Joint Managing Director of Commodore UK and jointly responsible for the Commodore UK Management Buyout.
Henri Rubin

Henri Rubin
Dr. Rubin was head of Commodore research and development. In 1989 he joined the Commodore board of directors. He has the pleasure of being the last Commodore manager that is known to have used an Amiga. He was fired by Medhi Ali, who replaced him with Bill Sydnes.

Carolyn Scheppner Carolyn Scheppner
Technical support manager (nicknamed Miss IFF)
Sergio Simonelli Sergio Simonelli
General director of CBM Italy during 1988
Alvin Stumpf Alvin Stumpf
Stumpf made his name with the C64, before leaving Commodore  to join Atari with Jack Tramiel. During this time he was responsible for the success of the ST in Germany, but returned to Commodore in 1992 as MD of Commodore Germany.
Kelly Sumner Kelly Sumner
Became Commodore UK Managing Director following the departure of Steve Franklin in 1991. Two years later (May 1993) he left to join US game giant, Gametek. View recent photo (21K)
Peter Talbot Peter Talbot
Nationals Sales Manager for Local Government and Education, Commodore UK. Joined Commodore in June 1987 and initiated a three-year plan to promote the Amiga in education. In March 1992 he quit the firm and joined Acorn.
Barry Thurston Barry Thurston
Multimedia sales director at Commodore during the early 1990s.
Jack Tramiel Jack Tramiel
Founder of Commodore International. Resigned in 1984 and bought Atari from Time Warner.
Gail Wellington Gail Wellington
Known as the mother of the Amiga. Gail was formerly head of Commodore UK techies, until promotion moved her to the US. She ensured that ideas were acted upon. Amiga publications have suggested that Gail was solely responsible for the Amigas US success. 
Steve White Steve White
Steve joined Commodore in 1990 after several years at Acorn. As schools business development manager, his job was to develop a strong relationship between primary/secondary education authorities and Commodore.

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