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What operating system would the PIOS machine use?

During 1997/8, PIOS stated that they would use a multi-OS approach to the market, allowing the company to sell the same hardware across differing markets. It was decided to provide four operating systems, according to the market needs. However, other CHRP-compliant operating systems could have been used.
  1. BeOS - All software that is compatible with DR9 or newer versions of BeOS will run with the exception of those that require the GeekPort.
  2. LinuxPPC- The choice of Linux offers an almost unlimited supply of commercial quality, free applications, utilities, and games. The PIOS could be used as a server solution or desktop machine.
  3. Apple Macintosh - Apple were commited to developing a CHRP-compliant version of the MacOS that would provide a plethora of commercial 68k & PPC Mac applications. Applications that required specialised Mac hardware or Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) connectors could only be used on Maxxtrem, Magna, and Keenya systems.
  4. pOS - ProDAD's pOS would offer limited support for existing Amiga applications, establishing new standards for PPC. The OS provided compatibility with just 10% of Amiga software, as long as they did not use native 68k code or the Amiga chipset. The software has to be recompiled by the author or using the original source code. At one stage, PIOS were prepared to purchase the AmigaOS and port it to the PPC.


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