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Quikpak Machines

Only two Amiga configurations were actually produced by Quikpak while they were an Escom licensee. These were updated models of the original Commodore A4000T to incorporate the last in the 68k line.

Amiga 4000T
The standard A4000T system from when they were the only Amiga manufacturer in America.
Processor Motorola 68040 25 MHz
Memory 6Mb DRAM (expandable to 18Mb)
Hard Disk 1.08Gb SCSI hard drive
Case full tower, 250 Watt supply.
Price $1997 US dollars

Amiga 4060T- Model 1

The only official Amiga to have been released by QuikPak. Their web site originally announced the machine would feature a SYS-RISC hybrid processor (whatever that means) and include an IDE Atapi CD-ROM drive. The final model, however, is simply an upgraded A4000T based around the 50 MHz 68060 CPU. The memory remains at 6Mb of DRAM, (expandable to 128 Mb) and the SCSI 1.08Gb hard drive, full tower case, and 250 watt supply remain the same.

Price: $2697 US dollars

Unreleased Amigas

Quikpak announced a series of very interesting developments on the Classic Amiga hardware. Developments included an Amiga "luggable" designed for the video market.
Amiga 40x0L Portable
A4030L Portable Amiga 4030L Portable
A "luggable" system based upon the A4000T. The hardware design remained unchanged, with the addition of a stylish black casing and an LCD screen (for some reason showing Windows 95 in the above shot). At first it was indicated the machine would be driven by a 68040 (the A4040L), but after Quikpak became an Amiga licensee this was downgraded to a 25 MHz 68030. Other published specifications mention 6Mb DRAM as standard (expandable to 128 Mb), 1.08Gb SCSI hard drive, LS120 floppy drive (which was also able to read standard Amiga 880k disks indicating the hardware had been altered slightly).

Estimated Price: $3997 USD

Amiga 4060L Portable
Similar system to above, with the addition of an Motorola 68060 running at either 50 or 66 MHz.

Estimated price: $4497 USD

While Quikpak were still planning to purchase the Amiga (late 1996/early 1997) they announced a series of new Amigas that would form the first wave of Amiga systems. These models share similar characteristics to their later models but were mothballed into a single specification, or cancelled altogether when Gateway purchased the Amiga.

Amiga 4040L

At the time two models were planned for release based upon the following specifications:

Model 1- Motorola 25 MHz 68040 CPU, 2Mb Chip & 16Mb FastRAM.

Model 2- Motorola 25 MHz 68040 CPU, 2Mb Chip & 16Mb FastRAM. Was also planned to include the Video Toaster and Video Toaster flyer from NewTek.

Amiga 4060L

The second machine that was to form Quikpak's new generation of Amiga systems was an early version of the A4060L. Like the later model it was a luggable system for computing on the move. Two models were planned for launch:

Model 1- Motorola 50 MHz 68060 CPU, 2Mb Chip & 16Mb FastRAM. 2Gb hard drive and 6x CD-ROM.

Model 2- Motorola 50 MHz 68060 CPU, 2Mb Chip & 16Mb FastRAM. 2Gb hard drive, 6x CD-ROM, and Newtek Video Toaster Flyer.

Amiga 5050T

Details are sketchy but it was said to combine the A4000T with the Pentium processor through the flexibility of the Siamese system to create a render farm. This will be possible with the use of the Penitrator Zorro board.

Amiga 1630LD

At the time of writing there is no information on what this could have been. Perhaps an old name for the A4030L portable.



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